Historical and cultural places -2

The ancient city of Kyoto was the Imperial seat for more than a thousand years, starting at the end of the eighth century. Among its many historical places of interest are such temples and shrines as Kinkaku Temple, Sanju-sangendo, Ginkaku Temple, Kinkaku Temple, Heian Shrine the East and the West Hongan Temples, Daitoku Temple, Saiho Temple and Ryuan Temple. Other important sights are Kyoto Gosho, Nijo Castle, and Katsura Imperial Villa. Each of these places has architectural and landscape beauty that leaves the visitor entraced.

In addition there are many places of scenic beauty, such as Mount Higashi, Mount Arashi, Sagano, and the River Kamo, and many famous local products, such as nishijin brocade, yuzen dyed fabrics, kyo dolls, kiyomizu ware and kyo fans.

Kamakura, which is in the suburbs, of Tokyo, became the seat of the military government for a period of one hundred and fifty years, starting from the end of the twelfth century. The many historical places that can be seen there include Tsurugaoka Hachiman Srine, the Great Buddha of Hase, Kencho Temple and Enkaku Temple.

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