Zen Buddhism

The Zen sect is one of the denominations of Buddhism. “Zen” is defined as an enlightened religious and mental state attained by achieving serenity of mind.

One of the practices used to obtain this serenity of mind is called zazen or “sitting in silent meditation.”

Eisai, Dogen and other Japanese priests introduced the Zen sect to Japan in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries after studying in China.

According to the Zen sect, truth is something which transcends the expressions of language and letters. It can only be grasped the direct proof of experience obtained in the practice of zazen.

The Zen sect has become the backbone of the samurai spirit, tea cult and ikebana or Japanese flower arrangement.

It has exerted great influence on Japanese thought, culture and literally all aspects of Japanese life.

In Japan today there are a good many people, besides the Zen priests, who pursue truth by practicing zazen. As a method of spiritual training, some people pay periodical visits to Zen temples for short sessions of zazen.

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