The National Flag

The national flag of Japan is called the Nisshoki, that is “the flag of the rising sun.” The sun is represented by a red circle at the center.

The design had been used on shrine flags and banners for many years before being adapted to a flag for indicating the nationality of Japanese ships in the sixteenth century.

height="180"So well did the flag match the name of the country (meaning place from where the sun rises) that it was formally designated as the national flag for use on merchant ships in 1870.

In its official size the flag has hoist of two against a fly of three and the sun is a circle whose center is the center of the flag and whose diameter is three fifths the hoist.

As Japan has no officially designated national emblem, the need for one is most often filled by one or the other of two Imperial Crests, a sixteen-petaled chrysanthemum mark or by a mark consisting of a paulownia leaf and flower.

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国旗としての正式寸法は、縦横比が2対3、日章の直径は縦の長さの3/5 日章旗は旗面の中央となっている。